Hard Surface Cleaning

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Tile & Grout, Stone Cleaning

Vans Carpet Care power washes the floor to extract soil and grease from the pores of the tile and grout or other hard surface floors. The system generates water pressure of 800 to 1,200 P.S.I. and water temperature above 200 degrees to soften and extract the build up of soil and contaminants. The floor tool connects to a powerful vacuum hose, which sucks the cleaning disk to the floor, and confines the water spray inside the 12-inch head. There is virtually no splash over to worry about. The vacuum hose draws away the water, along with the dirt, to our equipment.

Wood and Laminate Floors

Vans Carpet Care has developed a process to sanitize wood and laminate floors. People, pets, and children bring in contaminates that cannot be removed with normal daily maintenance. We mist a germicidal cleaner on your wood or laminate floor, and then remove any contaminates with a low volume hot water mist that is vacuumed away into our equipment


Do you have pavers around your home or business? Van’s Carpet Care uses special paver cleaning chemicals with our tile tool to remove soil that becomes embedded in the paver. Unlike pressure cleaning, the soil is vacuumed away, leaving you with a fresh, clean deck or sidewalk. Are you tired of having to clean your pool after pressure washing your deck? Give Vans Carpet Care a call to schedule a cleaning.

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