Your Source for Professional Carpet Cleaning in Delray Florida

Does your carpet have a stubborn stain that you just can’t seem to get rid of? Carpet can be incredibly beautiful, but stains greatly diminish it’s attractiveness. Stains are incredibly common, and it can be frustrating for home owners to try to get stains out on their own, and that is where we come in. We are Vans Clean Care, and stains are no match for our carpet cleaning method. We use all of the latest and most innovative tools and techniques to get tough stains out of your carpet; we are truly your premier source for professional carpet cleaning in Delray, Florida.

Many people work incredibly hard to make sure that their carpet stays nice and stain free, but accidents happen, and it is almost impossible to keep your carpet completely spot free. Not to worry, our method of deep cleaning is the most effective way to clean deep within your carpet. The method that we use is called Hot Water Extraction. Hot Water Extraction works by forcing a stream of hot water deep within the carpet and sucking up all of the dirt and bacteria. In order to treat your stains we will use or professional pre-spotting method, which can help to eliminate or diminish the stain. Our proven method is truly what makes us Delray’s premier carpet cleaner.

In addition to treating stains and deep cleaning your carpets, we can also provide you with reliable water damage restoration in Delray. If you have a water emergency it is important to call us right away. Standing water, especially in your carpet, could quickly lead to mold or mildew that could be potentially dangerous for your family. Call us today for a free estimate for all of your carpet cleaning needs.

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